Auditorio Kursaal, San Sebastián (Spain)

One of the most distinctive elements of this 1.800 seat auditorium is the acoustic Shell, designed and built by Chemtrol in collaboration with the client´s consultants and technical staff, under a completely modular and flexible concept to minimize the time required for its set up and storage. Its construction was made of aluminium structures covered with 19mm wooden panels creating a maximum volume of 20.15/14.42m opening width (downstage/upstage), 12m depth and 10.4/7.52m height (downstage/upstage).

The assembly is composed of 4 independent sections, each one with one ceiling piece and four side panels, and a large back wall. Through an ingenious and sophisticated storage system, each of the sections can be either used or stored, multiplying the functional possibilities and minimizing the time required for the shell´s complete set up. To accomplish that the side panels are hanging from moving carriages rolling on track beams placed under the first level side galleries. These beams can also move towards the interior of the stage, to reach the required geometry, by means of telescopic arms. The beams can be linked to fixed structures in the backstage for parking the side panels not used. The back wall is made of a single piece that can move downstage/upstage by rolling on the side track beams, allowing the adjustment of the required shell´s depth. Finally, the ceiling pieces can be either hanged from the stage battens or stored at the back of the stage, suspended from dedicated motorized battens.

This acoustic shell provides Auditorio Kursaal the foreseen polyvalence as both, concert hall and theatre, allowing its fast reconfiguration with minimal human/technical resources.

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